Product Details

Grand Hotels door keys featured large leather key hangers with the hotel logo. Hotel coat hangers were marked with logo and name. Same for airlines and steamer vessels. Too many ‘collectors’ of keys and hangers brought an end to branded souvenirs. All coat hangers are made in mahogany. Hand painted and showing logos of hotels, trains, airlines, and shipping lines. Sold in sets of two they come complete with hanger tags. Metal hooks are powder coated in matching colors. Daily memories…. The days of weeklong train rides from New York to L.A. Five days Imperial Airlines (12 stops) from London to New Delhi. Two rows of rattan chairs, looking out engines seemed awfully close to cabin. Enjoy a moment of nostalgia, select a train ride, a Stateroom on the Olympic in 1923, a suite in the Strand, the Grand Hotel in Rangoon, Burma. Our coat hangers tell a story. Infinitely more rewarding and memorable.

L : 18”, 45.5 cm
W: 0.5”, 1 cm
H : 8.75”, 22.5 cm